Specialist Security Products

With locations across UAE , holding large volumes of cash and valuables in ATMs, the growing threat of criminal attack is ever increasing. Our clients, in conjunction with their compliance standard bodies, are increasing security levels across their estate of cash offices, remote and branch ATMs, cash centres, warehouses and distribution houses to counter the threats posed by criminals.

We also provide solutions that comprise the following:

  • Covert CCTV Systems
  • ATM Tracking Devices
  • ATM Boots
  • ATM Anti-Skimming
  • Cash Degradation Devices
  • ATM Plinths
  • ATM Chains
  • ATM Alarm System
  • Rapid Deployment CCTV Systems
  • ATM Mechanical And Electronic Locks
  • ATM Locking Bars

Security Equipment

  • Anti-Skimming Devices
  • ATM Tracking Systems
  • CCTV Systems (digital or analog)
  • Cameras Designed Specifically for ATMs
  • Alarm Systems and Monitoring
  • ATM Mirrors (unbreakable stainless steel)